Day 3: Mystic Fall and Fairy Fall

So staying in the hotel in Yellowstone National Park is not like any other hotel. Don’t get me wrong, they are clean and very nice and you do pay a pretty penny per night. However, because of COVID-19 no full services and because of global warming, the rooms are pretty warm at night and no A/C.

So last night other guests were having a blast outside our window, laughing and screaming until we called the front desk around 11 pm. Which means, yeah, most of the night, I did not sleep very well.

Anyways today started off late, and but in the morning we headed to a nearby waterfall called Mystic Falls.

On our ways to Mystic Fall we passed several hot springs.

Sapphire Pool in Biscuit Basin

The hike to Mystic Fall was not too difficult. It was a bit confusing at the trail fork. It showed a path to go the high route or the river route. We encountered another hiker, who told us that the river route was easier, so yeah, we took the river route. And it was the right choice, the river was really pretty.

When we got to the fall, it was beautiful. I did not bring my big camera this time, so we spend some time playing with the iPhone 11 pro. But I think the pictures ended up pretty good.

During our hike back to the car, we encountered a very noisy squirrel.

On the way back to the lodge for lunch, we also stopped by Black Sand Basin.

In the afternoon, we revisited the Grand Prismatic Spring’s overlook. Why? Because today the smoke cleared and it was a much prettier day and we hope to get some better pictures.

So Fairy fall and the overlook are actually on the same trail, so after the second visit of the overlook we continue on to Fairy fall. This hike is a bit longer, but very flat. It was only around 2 miles or so from the parking lot, which is not a problem since we walk that all the time with Hugo. But the problem was that we did not start on the trail around 5:30 pm. When we got to the fall, we were basically the last ones there. Vicky was a little bit worried about bears, but we made it back ok.

Tomorrow, we will head south to Grand Teton. However, we will be going the long way around because the southern path is currently closed because of wildfire danger. But the good thing is we should be having lunch in Jackson hole tomorrow so that should be fun.