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My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :). I just love technology!!!


CTIA Day 1 Recap

Well, it is day 2 of CTIA in Las Vegas, let me recap my experiences from yesterday. The day started with meeting up with Xavier for breakfast.  We had a simple breakfast at MacD’s, but I have to say this McDonald has the look and feel of a coffee shop.  It was really interesting.  We …


Hotmail Sucks!

Well, I was just working and messing with my email and I realized that Hotmail really sucks. I can see why gmail has became my primary email client and hotmail has became my junkmail box. So why does it suck? Here is why it sucks…. New Hotmail– back button on browser don’t work in the …