Hotmail Sucks!

Well, I was just working and messing with my email and I realized that Hotmail really sucks. I can see why gmail has became my primary email client and hotmail has became my junkmail box. So why does it suck?

Here is why it sucks….

New Hotmail
– back button on browser don’t work in the new hotmail
– slow and complex
– still have really really bad spam filter
– Anonying advertisements
– sometimes it just doesn’t work with Safari
– no PoP or IMAP support for the free service

+ The new search is pretty nice

Live Space
– never ever load up properly
– Slow and complex

Why can’t MS just make it simple… K.I.S.S. dudes and dudettes Life is too complicated already, just Keep It Simple Stupid!!!

I would like to know what you guys think? Oh and get Gmail if you don’t already have an account.


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