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2019 Year End Trip Day 15

Local time: Tokyo 01/03/2020 Today ends our 15 day 2019 Year End Trip. So few key stats for this trip. Number of Cities/Towns we visited: 7 ~ 8 Number of Onsen visited including today: 5Number of country visited: 2Number of Ryokan: 2Number of Hotels: 3Number of Happy Days: 16 !!! Counting day Zero!! Anyways, today …


2019 Year End Trip Day 13

Local Time: 01/01/2020 New Years Day! Happy New Year!!! Today was New Years Day! Today we head back to Tokyo and leave our beloved Ito. Tokyo will be our final destination before we head back to Seattle, so our Asian adventure is quickly coming to an end. During breakfast this morning, our Japanese host surprised …


2019 Year End Trip Day 12

Local time: 12/31/2019 New Years Eve!! Today was New Year’s Eve. It was an extremely winding and blustery day, however, it was an extremely clear and beautiful day outside, so our Japanese host planned for us a driving tour around the Ito peninsula. But first our morning started off with a healthy breakfast by the …