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iTunes Match: 1st go

So, being a bleeding edge geek that I am, I decided to jump on the Apple’s attempt at “cloud” music. BTW, I really hate the world “cloud”, but that is another story all together. Anyways, since my music library is only around 8000 files, which is way under the 25000 allowed in iTunes match, I …


My sketches

So I don’t know what got in to me today. I wanted to sketch something and so I did. It felt really good. very relaxing to sketch and just draw stuff, but I am not really any good. oh well, but I will share it with everyone. Enjoy. Happy Wednesday. Apple? or Pear? A red …


My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :). I just love technology!!!