23 hours later…

so I got my Iphone 3GS yesterday, and it is amazing except I can’t use it. Well, I can use it, but pretty much as an Ipod touch. Why? because AT&T; states that it would take up to 48 hours to have my phone activated. 48 hours!!!! oh my gosh… I hope that is not 48 working hours… that would mean I will not have my phone activated until Tuesday? :O … seriously, I think it just means 48 hours max… or at least I sure hope so. So after waiting for 22 hours … I finally gave in and decided to look online for some solutions. I found that some one posted the following:

(1) Call 800-331-0500

(2) Dial 0 and then 0 again

(3) Ask the customer rep nicely to activate you.

(4) Give them your SIM Card # and IMEI. To find this quickly, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, click on “General,” then “About.” The “ICCID” is your SIM card and the one above that, IMEI is the other number they need.

(5) They will ask you to shut down your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.

(6) When the phone turns back on, you should be activated.

so I gave it a try….

After the lady updated my account and my IMEI number and it still did not work… I got passed around to Apple and then back to AT&T; like a hot potatoe.

and more waiting…..

30 minutes later … still no activated phone…

48 minutes later … after they finally change my numbers on their system it all the sudden worked.

What they did was to change the system’s IMEI number to my new Iphone and also change my SIM Card number to my new Iphone’s sim card. and now it all works.

so 23 hours laters after I got my iPhone, I have a fully working Iphone 3GS.

AT&T; Wireless… Thanks for for activating it … but you guys really sucks…


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