Thursday… This week is flying by…

Way too much stuff going on…

– So yeah… I started twittering … not like I have alot of time… but I just started since few of my good friends are all on it. I’ve got to keep in the loop I guess and see what the hype is all about. But this is very interesting, there is a trending topics column on the side. This means that if everyone is tweeting what they are thinking then the most commonly thought of topic would appear. What would be interesting is if it is possible to artificially create a trend in the twitter ecosystem?? hummm…. interesting.

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 is pretty cool… been having alot of fun with it. I am waiting on my Iphone 3GS. My friends been asking me for my old Iphone and I would love to give it to a caring person… however, anyone who have seen my iPhone will know that it is pretty beaten up… yep.. power button don’t respond all the time.. and a small dent in the back… yeah… pretty beaten up. So I am thinking a retirement party for it and then off the the lab it goes…;)

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 supports CalDAV which means I can activitly interact with googlecal, since it also supports CalDAV. So I use googlecal as a centralize keeper for all 3 of my calendars (work, personal, school). The only thing that I found is that the update is not as quickly as I thought and I can’t find a way to force update yet. Also no push notification when an invitation is sent to the calendar, oh bummer.

– so yeah… my work for graduation is still in progress… don’t ask how far along… it will happen when it happens… no pressure please… thanks… 😉


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