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Lake Serene Hike

It was a beautiful day, so Vicky and I decided to take a try at Lake Serene. The first thing we learned is that we needed a parking pass. So we drove to this little town called INDEX to get our pass. I remember many years ago, I went on a white water trip that …


First Full Day in NYC

After a full day of meetings in NYC with my clients, it was awesome to see Vicky!!! So after work today, my co-workers and I took a long wall to time square and got some dinner at the BBQ place called Virgil’s. It was pretty famous, but the sweet tea was not good and the …


Happy 4th of July!!!

So.. for the last couple of days I’ve been hiding out in my home trying to finish up my paper. Today, it is not much different. I am alot better from my sickness. I should be 100% soon. So right now I am sitting in a dark room… looking out the window seeing fireworks and …