Lake Serene Hike

It was a beautiful day, so Vicky and I decided to take a try at Lake Serene. The first thing we learned is that we needed a parking pass. So we drove to this little town called INDEX to get our pass. I remember many years ago, I went on a white water trip that started at Index bridge. Anyways, after we got the pass, we returned to the trail head and started to our hike. The road to the top was long, but we were treated with some relaxing and beautiful waterfalls. Oh and I received a WAR EAGLE at the lake. It was really awesome, I ran in to an Auburn fan by the lake, we even sang the fight song together!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

The entire hike was around 5-6 hours, it was a fun and good hike and the lake was beautiful. Afterward, we stopped by Old School BBQ by Monroe. The owner was extremely nice, since we did not have enough cash for two, she gave us a combo plate with 2 sides and a drink for the little bit of cash we had. Thank you Old School BBQ. All in all it was a wonderful day!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!