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24 years ago today our family left Taiwan for the US. it is pretty amazing that it has been 24 years already. Happy 8 8 Day. (Chinese Fathers Day). Today I am just chilling at home and with my buddy Robert and cleaning my place. It is just a relaxing day. 🙂


On my way

I am on my way back to my birth land. I am in the airline lounge waiting for my flight. My flight will be boarding around 1:30 AM and will be heading back on 2:00 AM. I will be back in Taiwan on Sunday 5:40AM. My goal tonight is to stay up until 4:00AM PST …


I am lost…

about an year ago… I was back in Ephrata, I was fairly happy… but I feel the pressure to find something different. I then moved and found something different. I was happy… and now I am pretty stressed and I am confused… my lease is about to be up… work has been stressful… school has …