Clamming on Mother’s Day

This year’s is one of the very few mother’s day that I did not spend with my mom. The reason is my little sister and my mom are in Taiwan. So since last weekend, after only finding one clam with my dad I been really thinking about going back for some clams. Razor clam was also open this weekend, however, it takes 3 hours of driving to get to a razor clam location and low tide for that area is around 8:50. Yikes… I almost gave up on clamming this past weekend until I talked to a new friend who told me that she was going to somewhere near Gig Harbor, so after doing some research I found this site.

We left around 8:30 and stop for license purchase at Federal way and got there right at low tide around 12pm. It was super awesome. We dug up so many Manila Clams it was amazing!!! We even got a sea snail. Way cool!!!!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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