almost 2 Years Later…

almost 2 years later…
It has been two years… I thought I moved on… I am getting better… but hearing that/those news still hurts me… It shouldn’t but it does. I am a much more mature guy now… I am … but I am still very emotional sometimes… I need to be less emotional. I talked to a guy on the plane the other day… he says… to succeed in life you have to have passion for something but also be able to have emotional detachment. Meaning … you have to be able to detach emotions from things. I keep on thinking about things that people tell me … you have to be able to “pick it up and put it down”. I think my problem is that I can pick it up, but I just can’t put it down. so now I just don’t pick it up… when opportunities comes along.. if you don’t take it, you miss it. And fear of failure is one of the greatest barriers to success and to happiness.

Happiness… what is happiness? I am happy… but right now… I am not sad… but I just somewhere in the middle. so where am I? I am in Ephrata, WA… in the center of the Washington desert. So, why did I end up here? professionally, it was a good move… and it is still a good move professionally… and also it is in washington… there is a direct flight from seattle to Taiwan, it don’t matter now.

You know… I need to stop this… I complain tooo much on my website… but eventually it is just another page in my book of life. We all learn from it and move on right?

I am a good person… I try to be a good person… I have beliefs and standards and I believe I know my role as a person.

So.. I guess just been true to myself… and look forward everything will be good.

{sigh}…. 2 years …… 2 years…


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