Month: May 2007



Oh my gosh… I can’t believe I did not write about this when I first saw it about 2 3 days ago. It seems that after close to a decade of playing my favorite game….Starcraft 2 is finally coming out!!!!! This is legit! not fake at all!!!


Day 5…

Well… today concludes my First week at Sparling. Thing are going pretty well. I am very very excited about all my potential work. The type of work is different from the PUD work or the work I had from EP, but it is good stuff. So… Today I am going to San Fran. Yep pretty …


Professional Picture

Boy… I got my professional picture taken today. A professional profile picture is required for everyone in the company. It is interesting.

minhsao is back

Yeah…. is back. Ok… just for a status update. is back and operational…. however… it is still on the old server. My attempt of switching over to the new unix based server did not go entirely as planned. I ran in to some permissions problems. So everything is back on my old server. …


Moving day

What a crazy moving day it was. So… I am now in my new apartment in Lynnwood, WA. The place is alot smaller then my old place and alot more expensive. I don’t think all my stuff will fit… so at sometime in the near future I will have to hit the craigslist and sell …