Moving day

What a crazy moving day it was.

So… I am now in my new apartment in Lynnwood, WA. The place is alot smaller then my old place and alot more expensive. I don’t think all my stuff will fit… so at sometime in the near future I will have to hit the craigslist and sell some of my stuff. Way too much junk.

So anyway, I want to talk about my Friday and Saturday… just a quick recap… πŸ˜€

Hummm … let me see

So Friday was my last day at Grant County PUD. It was as really surreal experience. I could not believe that I was leaving this beautiful little town called Ephrata. I remember it seems just like yesterday that I was moving to the small town Ephrata. So… the work day went really fast and uneventful… spending sometime saying good bye to all my good friends and co-workers. It was a closing of a chapter of my life.

So the fun really starts after work. The movers suppose to meet me in the afternoon and pack and load all my stuff. However, they called and said that they will be a little bit late. so I thought that’s fine… that will give me some time to clean up and get ready for the move. So… the waiting begins….

It was not until 7 – 7:30pm before the movers shows up… so I figure… no biggie, they are professionals, they will get this place pack and loaded in a few hours…. and 7 hours later, they finally loaded everything…. I could not believe all the crap I have and they also were very inefficient in packing all my stuff. So after the movers left, I was left with an empty apartment to clean up. I cleaned for an hour or so and finally I decided to go to bed. So since they collected all my furniture, I did not have a bed to sleep in. So I took a quick nap and in the car and around 5:30 I got up again and started to clean.

Around 7:00am, I was still not finish, so I got my friend Ted a call and ask for help. We cleaned my place until the landlord showed up around 8. The landlord looked around and said… so you guys still need to clean up huh? you want us to come back? At that time,I was pretty much done… nope… don’t really care… so.. we agreed to get a professional cleaner and take the cost out of the deposits.

Around 8:30am, I took my friend Ted to Country Cafe for some wonder breakfast. Around 9:30, I headed out for Seattle. Good by Ephrata.

I got to Lynnwood, around 1:00 and to in to my new apartment. The movers called and said they are running late and should be here around 2:00pm or so. I should have know… they did not show up until 3:00. They promised that it will be a fast move so I can get out and get going to my Mariner Yankee’s game. After 2 and half hours … they finally got everything in to my small apartment and I start to drive toward Downtown Seattle for the game.

I forgot how bad big town traffic were…. yep needless to say.. I spend around 40mins going 20 miles… not too bad.. but nothing like the country side.

The game was fun… Mariners lost… but a baseball game is fun no matter who wins.

So … today? Well… Maybe church and then unpack and wait for the cable guy… yep… I am getting my internet today πŸ˜€

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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