Summer is BBQ ribs time!!!

It’s been raining for most of Friday and finally, there is a little sun break in the late afternoon. Vicky invited some of her coworkers to the house for some BBQ. Since I had some Dreamland’s BBQ sauce, I decided to make some good old southern BBQ. My first attempt of making BBQ ribs was a complete failure. You can ask my Brother in Law, Robert. The first time, it was basically burnt charcoal sticks. This time it will be different. I did some research and I am ready.
I prep the ribs 2 hours before our guest arrived, I precooked the ribs in the oven wraped in foil around 250 degrees for 2 hours. After the 2 hours I moved it over the the grill and start grilling and loading it up with Dreamland BBQ sauce. After another hour it was ready.

The ribs turned out pretty good. I love BBQ ribs.