And that is why I like Apple

So earlier today, in the middle of a conference call, all the sudden my iPhone 4’s sleep/power button stop working. The button is pressed down and would not respond. I thought to myself… oh no … not again (few years back, I my iPhone version one, I had a bad power button). So after my meeting, I checked online for my options.

Option 1: Fix it myself, but after checking out, I realized that this is not an easy job. To get the the power button, basically, I will need to take out almost all the components in the phone, and I was not about to do that.

Option 2: Bring it in to Apple Store and try my luck. I read online there are a lot of response that stated that if the phone is still under warranty, the Apple Store will instantly replace the phone. So I check my warranty status and I am one week away from expiring, so I decided to give it a go. I made an appointment at the Lynnwood Apple Store during lunch and kept my fingers crossed.

When I went into the store, the Apple “Genius” asked me what’s wrong with my phone. I told them that the power/sleep button stopped working. They checked for the water damage marker inside the earphone jack, and then check my serial number for warranty status. Once both of those passes, they immediately offered to provide me with a replacement. Within 5 minutes, of walking into the Apple Store, I have a new iPhone 4 in my hand, with my sim card transferred over and my phone activated. I wiped my old phone and they put a sticker on it and put it in a black box. I am assuming that this is going to repair shop somewhere. I signed 3 lines saying that I received a replacement and I was out the door extremely HAPPY!!!

So with that experience, it almost makes me want to buy AppleCare to continue the protection after this week. It also pretty much sold me on my next phone, which will probably be another Apple Phone.

I do like the Android OS, but I like to ask my friends in the Android phone world, can your Samsung/HTC/Sony phone get replaced when there is a hardware failure??? Maybe… but is it that easy?