What’s going on lately…

So… few key notes…
1) One of my best buddy Xavier is leaving at the end of this month. He is going back to France and Germany for work 🙁 I am sadden by this even. Got to find time to throw him a party.

2) Work just went through some layoffs… as previously posted… this is not my first experience.. but it is still very disturbing to me. Especially when I see all the people that got hired at the same time as me got let go.

3) I need to finish my creative component before month end to even have a chance to graduate for Summer.

4) seems like all the weekends are filled up and not time for anything… still got to do alot….

5) Pre-ordered the new Iphone 3GS… it is coming in next Friday.

6) Want to get a bike to ride to work.

7) Want to get a BBQ grill… to be exact … the Webber Q Grill … don’t know which model yet.

8) Need to finish up my side project… it is draining my energy and my resources

9) Need to plan some summer events for the Seattle Auburn Club.

10) Need to replace my Bluetooth speaker mic that got stolen few weeks back during my car break in…

Good grief… it is mid month already… better get started.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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