Bento Bento … Boy I am getting hungry

House hunting is what’s been on my mind lately. So being a geek and an engineer… of course I have to figure out ways to simplify my house hunting decision making. So .. I decided to use a database and I came across this application. Bento by Filemaker. It is a ultra-simple and easy database software for the Mac. It is literally as easy as using iPhoto or itunes. You just simply create the fields you want and drag them on to the form space. It even integrates with multimedia and photos. Pretty nifty.

So… my intention is to create a simple database that will let me enter the houses that I looked at and the db will provide a score base on what I want in my dream house. so… in short, at the end of the process I should have a simple list of houses with a simple score telling me which one is number one. Sort of like the BCS system.

Well… All is dandy until I realized that the stupid Bento system does not support Conditional Functions (ex. if statements). Well… that really sucks… because now I can’t get it to score base on certain parameters.

sigh… I guess I have to look for other alternatives… But all in all… I find Bento to have alot of potential … but I don’t think I will purchase it after the trial expires, because it lacks conditional statements.


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