Day 4 in Taipei (08-27-2019)

Today is day 4 in Taipei. A slower day than the last few days which is good. I finally get a chance to catch up and recollect myself.

This morning we went to the local government office to take care of some of my father’s business. It was very interesting seeing how efficient the office was, they were fast and quick, everything was done under 30 minutes. Which the lady actually warm us it will take a long time of 30 minutes.

Afterward, Mom and I enjoyed a very nice brunch at the hotel lounge and look at this amazing view.

In the afternoon, I did some workout and started to work on my Innovation fair project, which is due next week.

For dinner, the hotel lounge hors d’oeuvres are actually full meals!!

So after a heavy meal, mom and I went to check out some local department store and books stores to end the evening.