EVA Flight to Taipei

So before I forget, I want to write a bit about my flight from SEATTLE to TAIPEI. So flight BR0025 from Seattle to Taipei departs at 2:00 am Which was AWEFUL!!! but that is just the start.

The flight is a Boeing 777.

The line was super long just prior to boarding… and this was the business line.

So the final gift from my father was his miles to fly my mother and I back home to Taipei on Business Class. Of course, my father is also flying with us in the upper deck.

Lay flat business class seats
My overnight kit
Inflight PJ’s Not bad at all!!

The inflight entertainment is not bad but the movie selection is not that great. The netflix in Taiwan had a better movie selection.

Now to the best part of the flight…. FOOD!!!

Wine List
Dinner Menu
pre-food chocolate
with wine
Main course (Chinese / Taiwanese selection)

I went with the Chinese food selection since I wanted something different than just plan western food. After dinner time for some sleep… which is now around 3:15am Seattle time.

looking at the starry airplane cabin “sky”
Midnight snack
Midnight seafood noodle

My second noodle dish of the night… this is a midnight seafood noodle follow up. After that more sleep and 2 hours before the flight lands… breakfast!!!

Taiwanese Breakfast
follow up fruit plate

After 12 hours later… finally arrived at Taipei!!!