Late Night at the airport

So EVA airline decide to put a 2AM flight to TPE and arriving at 5AM. It got to be the worst time ever. Maybe because it is cheap to take off at that time of the night, but dang it is really awful.

The good thing is I am flying business class today. This is the last gift from my father. My mom and I are flying business class on a EVA’s Boeing 777. This was a gift from my father because it is his miles that we are using to fly him home to Taiwan.

I fly alot, but this got to be my least favorite trip of the year. The entire time all I can do is think about my father.

So on a separate note, in SeaTac, EVA doesn’t have their own lounge so the contract out British Airways Lounge. Since BA doesn’t have any flight this late, who does. EVA use this lounge.

Personally, I don’t think much of this lounge. Food and drinks are sparse. It is right next to the Delta S terminal Sky Club, but it looks much older inside. I think I been in this lounge over ten years ago, the last time I flew business class on EVA.