Dad’s funeral

Yesterday was a busy day. It was my dad’s funeral. The day started very very early, Dad’s viewing was at 9:00 am and the Mass was at 10:00. Flowers came in around 8:10 and Dad arrived at 8:30.

This was the first time seeing my father after he left us and it felt strange. He looks really peaceful. He almost looks like he was in a deep sleep. Mom cried after seeing him, saying that it doesn’t even look like my father. But I thought they did a pretty good job.

Through out 9-10, people trickled in. And flowers came in from friends and family. Including many flowers from friends from Auburn who could not attend and from Tuskegee University where my father taught for many years, and from Gigamon.

It was a beautiful mass!! We had a Vietnamese choir and a number of local Chinese parishioners attending and supporting the mass. The Mass was entirely in Chinese which was pretty cool. This was really good for my mom as well.

All and all, I thought the funeral went pretty well for pulling everything together in a such a short time. There were amazing people at this church!! Thank you everyone !!!

It was great to see all our friends and families together, even though it is at such a difficult time, but it also shows the celebration of life that my father lived and inspired.