Good bye Dad

Yesterday 8/14/2019 at 4:35pm, my father left us. He has been fighting cancer for the last 9 month. Initially, treatment went pretty well, but last 3 months the conditions turned for the worst. The last month was really tough for my father and my family. My dad went from a fully functioning person to completely bedbound. For the last few weeks, my dad spend his remaining time at my home on hospice. We try to do our best to make sure he was comfortable. There were good days and there were bad days, but it was a constant emotional stress on my mom.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life I saw the end of life for another human being. That was my father.

Yesterday I think I finally grown up. Witnessing my father’s passing and seeing my father’s life slipping away from his eyes and seeing him taken away to the funeral home. It really makes one think of what really important and continue to cherish all that we take for granted.

My dad was and extremely brilliant man who knows how to live life. Professionally, my dad was an excellent professor who inspired many in the field of computer science and information assurance. (Including myself) In private, my father was a great husband, a wonderful father. My dad loves fishing. He taught me everything I know about fishing , how to tie a hook, how to hook a live minnow, how to dock a boat on a trailer.

My dad was also a very handy person and always taught me to think like an engineer. I remember when we built our back deck together and how he taught me how to use a hammer and power drill properly. I also remember his love for his garden and his pond, where my mom and dad built the pond by hand, one stone at a time.

My father was an excellent billiards player and even close to winning few regional tourneys.

Finally, my father loved seafood and different type of exotic and wonderful fruits. He never ate too much but he knows what’s good!! My love for good food and fruits are a direct influence from him. In the end, it was really tough for him to not being able to eat.

My dad lived a short but very interesting 71 years. Growing up in Taiwan, he had a wonderful career as an electrical engineer,but gave it up to immigrating to the US in the 80’s to get his Ph. D and to give his kids new and wonderful opportunities. I believe he made a direct positive impact on many life’s, especially Min-Jye and mine.

We will all miss you, Dr Chen!!!

I miss you Dad!!!