Happy Halloween

Every year around this time so many things are happening. This year, it is not much different. Last week I was in SF, it was alot of fun and I had my mid term yesterday, every weekend in October is full of events. Seattle life is really really busy. On top of all that, Auburn football is also going on. So speaking of which, I recently got push forward to the President position for the Seattle Auburn Club. I really enjoy hanging out with alums, friends, and family of Auburn. I guess it is a way for me to connect to my roots in Alabama. Tomorrow is November 1st, and my birthday… oh my gosh… I am going to be 32. Like I’ve stated earlier so many things has happened around these couple of days. I can remember from when I was a kid, having a little birthday party playing with ataris and having cake and food with my friends to celebrating my 21 birthday in Auburn University with my college buddies to more recent year events (I guess you can look back in my blog for more info).

So yeah… once again .. happy halloween, and the problem is … I have no costume… ahhh… been busy so yeah… The problems seems I have many ideas floating around in my head but I just can’t implement it. The excuse always seems to be I don’t have enough time, but I know the truth is something else and I just don’t want to face it. So what’s going on this weekend?

Friday – Halloween Parties… There are few but it depends on what I am going to do about my custome. Gosh darn it.

Saturday – hee hee … my b-day… Thanks mom and dad with this wonderful day!!!
– Auburn is playing Ole Miss bright and early around 9:30 AM!!!!
– I have a dinner event that evening with my friends… it should be fun.
– maybe a bit of karaoke afterward?

Sunday – Time to chill and relax
– walk to church?
Yeah, there is a catholic church about ten blocks from my house. cool huh?
– Dinner with my friends sunday night

Tuesday – VOTE!!! … I remember 4 years ago I said “Vote Bush” and some of my friends had a hard time accepting that. So this year I would say Vote how you envision the America to be. I think that is a personal question and it all depend on how everyone is raised. Gosh… that’s getting too political… so the important thing is to review the facts and vote, and be tolerant of other voters it is their right too.

– I think we may have an election night event… we will see… 🙂

Distant future…

– I am going home for the UGA game
– Little sis is coming to Seattle before Thanksgiving

– For all my friends that are around Seattle during Thanksgiving…
… I am having a Thanksgiving dinner at my place come on over… invites and details will be send out soon.

– It is official – the First two weeks of December I will be in Maui for work.

– December 20th is my tentive date for my Xmas party

– I am returning to Auburn for the remaining of the year to relax and chill..

That’s it for now…

Happy Halloween