Wednesday …

My ride to work was fun this morning. So I made it under 1 hour from my house. 55 minute of riding time and 3 minutes of stops alone the way. My average speed today was around 14. It was good, but I still feel very tired. I’ve been tracking my diet as well on I am hoping with the tracking of my diet and my excercise, I will be able to accomplish some weightloss. Yeah.. I know… I am getting big… reaching the unthinkable 200. :o.

So the REI app provided me some interesting data today.

For my morning ride I did the following, this is relative to driving my G35x.

Trip Carbon Reduction: 14.31 lbs
Trip Calories Burned: 623 C
Trip Dollars Saved: $1.93

So here is the ride to work today.

6th trip to work

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