Another Dream that got implemented

So… About 3 years ago, I was in the Fiber to the home world of Ephrata, WA and an idea was developed. My idea was a way to have a P2P distributed file system very similar to Bit Torrent except a virtual drive is created on your computer and then broken up sort of like PAR and RAR files in USENET and spread to all the clients that are peered with each other. This is to take advantage of the fast network and solve our redundant drive backup problem, by sharing spaces with our buddies.

My friend Sergeon and I talked about this couple of times and tried to come up with some sort of standard to develope this but was unable to do so. We had many good conversation and good ideas on how to develope this model, however the prototype will never built. Ultimately, we could visualize this idea, but with life and everything else that was going on, we were unable to develope this idea.

Well… as everyone knows… everyone thinks alike…

So today I found Wuala on Slashdot. From the initial read, it seems like it is very similar to my idea. Here is another article on Wuala.

The good thing is that someone implemented it, the bad thing is … too bad it was not us.