Another Year flies by … Good Bye 2018

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing in my blog saying good by to 2017. All the sudden, I only have few more hours until end of 2018 and it will be 2019. But let’s recap 2018, it was such an amazing year with so many things. going on.

First, 2018 is a year of books for me.
For the first time I finished a number of books this year. Following are the books I finished in 2018

1) Artimis – Andy Weir
2) Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
3) Armada – Ernest Cline
4) We Are Legion (We are Bob): Bobiverse – Dennis E. Taylor
5) For We Are Many : Bobiverse 2 – Dennis E. Taylor
6) All These Worlds : Bobiverse 3 – Dennis E. Taylor
7) Lock In – John Scalzi
8) Head On – John Scalzi

As one can see I have a pattern. I like scifi. Out of all these books, my favorite is probably Ready Player One. There are so many things that just played out in my mind like a flowing movie, I guess that is why the movie was so aweful to me because I’ve already watched the real movie from the book :). It is really great book if you grew up in the 80’s. It triggered so many memories.

So 2018 is also the year of less traveling. I still travelled a lot, but definitely not like 2017. Following are places I’ve been in 2018 (in no particular order)

1) Missoula, Montana
2) Billings, Montana
3) Yellow Stone, Montana
4) Bozeman, Montana
5) Portland, Oregon
6) Boise, Idaho
7) San Jose, California
8) Phoenix, Arizona
9) Las Vegas, NV
10) Auburn, Alabama
11) Atlanta, Georgia
12) Tahiti
13) San Diego, California

By far the best time we had traveling in 2018 is our club trip to Tahiti!!! Such an amazing trip. Life changing. Thank you Gigamon!!!

But with all this traveling for work I still only made Platinum Status on Delta and Gold with Marriott. So for 2019… see you later Marriott and Hello Hilton!!! (which match me to Diamond status already!!

Tennis this year has been a rebuilding year. I played alot of men’s team however, I lost alot of games. I am still at a 3.0 level, but this summer, I think finally found my forehand.

With the training that Vicky and I have been doing with our personal trainer, I’ve lost around 10 lbs from 2017 weight and my over all game is definitely faster. I hope to continue this trend in 2019 and hopefully be a much better and healther self.

Nothing really new for 2018 at tech wise other than upgrades on my internet as of today…. woo hoo finally I am back on fiber!!!

and for 2018, Hugo turned 6 and we had a huge scare. He had surgery to remove a ball that he swallowed. I really thought I was going to lose my lovely Hugo, but he is a strong boy and he survived and are now healthy and happy.

oh and before we turn to goals for 2019… it looks like we hit many of the goals from my last post

– lost some weight 10lbs 😀
– printed some pictures for my wall… aka TAHITI
– Complete back patio… check!!!

Now onward to 2019…

I am already predicting 2019 to be a tough year… but I will continue to be postive and healthy and make some things happen. So goals for 2019…

1) Continue to Train with personal training trying to get to my true core and lose that last bit of belly
2) Finish home and basement fix up.. including more prints and fix my zwave setup
3) Learn some basic Japanese!!!!
4) For the love of my work… let’s make my number already!!
5) definitely spend more time with family!!!! See my Mom and Dad more and my Sis and family too!!

Good Night 2018!!!

Good Morning 2019!!!!

Yeah … I need to write more in my blog!!!