My trip to 1962 and back was awesome!!!

So a while a go we got some Seattle Musical Theatre tickets from Living Social. Since we all been pretty busy, I wanted to take a break and treat ourselves, so I was able to fit in a show today. The musical is Hairspray at the SMT in Magnuson park. I’ve never seen Hairspray before nor have I ever been to SMT, but I heard good things. Oh and as for the actual show? I LOVED IT!!! Seattle Musical Theatre is not Broadway, but it is not bad… not bad at all. Most of the actors and actresses are very new, this maybe their first production after college. The actual venue is small but cosy, I think it reminds me of a high school play. The overall show was very entertaining and captivating. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is thinking about going to see SMT’s production of Hairspray.