iTunes Match: 2nd Go

So it has been few days after my purchase of iTunes Match and my first attempt at using iTunes match.
During my last post, I complained alot about how I lost all of my music on my iPhone and how it is nearly impossible to use without a home library. Well, this is what I found out, since then.

I was impatient. Once my entire library is matched and uploaded to itunes “cloud”. I toggled the iPhone setting to turn off iTunes match and resync. The resync of course brought back my the music on my iPhone. I then again toggle the iTune Match setting and it did tell me that I will lose my library, however, this time it did not erase my local files on my iPhone. YES, this is how I expected to work in the first place. With the iTunes Match activated, I can download/stream on the fly the music that’s in my library but not currently on my phone, but still listen to the things that is on my phone as well. So what I think happened the first time is when I activated the iTunes Sync, most of the songs on my phone is not in my “cloud” library, therefore it erased them.

I am glad it works now, I will update if things changes.

Oh another cool feature of iTunes match, I am currently updating all my sub 256kbps bit rate music files to a iTunes 256kbps files!!! That’s alot of files but all my music is starting to sound better!!!

And finally, it is amazing how much music I forgot I have… it is amazing to rediscover music in your own music library!!!