Our almost Free 6th Generation Ipod Nano

This morning, I receive a small box from Apple via FedEx. Inside this small FedEx box is a 6th Generation iPod Nano!!! No I did not order a new Nano, it was a replacement for a first generation iPod Nano from Apple!!! So here is the story, few month ago I saw an blog post about Apple replacing 1st generation iPod Nanos on TUAW. I remember Vicky having an old iPod Nano… so I dug it out of the desk drawers and try to see if it is replaceable with the Apple website. And to my surprise, our iPod Nano’s serial number is with in the range that is being recalled. So few weeks later, I received an prepaid envelope from Apple, I mailed my iPod back to them and today I got it back!!!

And Yes … Apple upgraded to the latest iPod Nano… so now it is an 8 gigabyte 6th Generation iPod Nano!!!!

Actually, it is pretty awesome, the new nano comes with off air radio, and a Nike+ pedometer. Oh I hope Vicky don’t want her Nano back.