Lost in Paris!!! … Day 2 :)

Today was a beautiful looking day, we are so fortunate to have such a beautiful weather day in Paris during the winter season. So the first thing that we did today was to walk to another not very well known, but beautiful view point.

Printemps is a famous department store in Paris. It has a fabulous view point of Paris from the roof. Take a look… oh it is so beautiful and so wonderful and it is free. The location is also super close to our hotel as well.

Oh look more “stairs”…

I also rented a bike today… woo hoo It is great to be able to ride around Paris on a bicycle. I think it is one of the best way to see Paris to ride around in one of the city’s bikes. The cost is around 1 – 2 euros depending on the time.

Some of the places that we saw on our bike ride.

We also rode by the US embassy, however we were quickly asked to move and don’t stand around the front of the embassy… interesting…

The ride was great… the city seems pretty dangerous for bike but it was actually not as bad as riding a bike in Seattle. And these bike are not too bad either, it has 3 gears and very easy to ride.
After the bike around downtown Paris, we met up with our friends in Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The Metros in Paris are just so easy fast and convenient.

more “stairs”… this is actually pretty famous… “the stairs of Rue Foyatier”

Mur je t’amie aka I Love You Wall.

and Mulin Rouge

Afterward, I had a BIG glass of beer near that Mulin Rouge…

Later that night we had dinner at a creole place and I found out that Creole boudin is not like the cajun boudin.
and that ends another wonderful day in Paris…. Tomorrow is Sunday… and Sunday Market Here we come!!! 🙂
Oh… and my luggage is still missing.