Good Night 2017 and Good Morning 2018

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year already. It seems like yesterday, I was just here posting how I need to post more on my blog and how this blog has become an annual post. So I’ve been so blessed this last year and I am sad to see it fly by so quickly.

So let’s look back at some of the highlights for 2017.

Places that I’ve went to in 2017

1) Taiwan, first time in close to 10 years
2) Japan, I love this place
3) Palm Spring, CA
4) Bay Area, CA
5) Fort Lauderdale, FL
6) Mobile, AL
7) Auburn, AL
8) Anchorage, AK
9) Boise, ID — first time here and it’s pretty amazing place
10) Portland, OR
11) Sun River, OR

Highlight events in 2017

1) Chinese New Year in Taiwan
2) Middle of no where hot spring resort in Japan!!!
3) Eclipse from the plane
4) USTA Tennis Mix 6.0 Sectional trip to Sun River, OR
5) USTA Tennis 40+ 3.0 Sectional trip to Portland, OR
6) USTA Tennis 40+ 3.0 National trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL
7) USTA Tennis Mix 6.0 National trip to Mobile, AL
8) Year end trip to Kona, HI

So with all this travel, I made platinum status on both Delta and SPG/Marriott. This means I stayed over 30 days in hotels in 2017… that is way too much.

But with great sacrifice, there are also some good rewards. This year, I was so lucky to be on two wonderful tennis team with lots of wonderful friends. Our 40+ men’s team made it to national in Florida and we almost made it to the top, taking home second place at the national tournament. Vicky and I also made it to Nationals in our 6.0 mix doubles team, and we also placed second at the mix tournament in Mobile, Alabama.

My tennis level remained at 3.0 with a very rough early start. I ran in to some mental challenges, that I am still trying to conquer and over come. But all in all with another year down, I feel my tennis and Vicky’s tennis has improved a lot. Oh and Vicky is now 3.5.

Workwise, it has been a super busy year, being a sales engineer, I am on the road almost every week. It is very tough on my loving wife and family, but Vicky has been very understanding and loving! Like I said, I am very very lucky.

Tech wise, I finally retired my Pebble :(. I loved my Pebble Steel, but I finally opted to go with an Apple Watch 3 with AirPod, which is almost life changing. pretty cool stuff man!

So as for misc, I am Auburn Club president again, by default, it has been a tough season, not the football team, but for the club. it seems that I am not getting much local support, with all my work travels and tennis it has been hard. But really appreciate all the friends that did step up to help out!!

Finally, we had a big scare with Hugo, but everything worked out, and he is ok and happy as ever.

So as for goals for 2018.

1) Improve workout and lose that belly. Tennis has been great for Vicky and I, however, I feel we plateaued and need to do something to improve our fitness level. We will see how this will turn out next year.

2) Continue to have more world travel and maybe print some photos for my house

3) Need to get that back yard completed

4) Let’s make club for 2018 … I am very close to making club for 2017 so let’s make it in 2018

5) Spend more time with family

6) I am sure there are more goals, but I will post as I think of them.

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2018!!! See you next time I post ::)