2011 the year of traveling

So it seems like in the last month I’ve spent alot of time in the airport, on an airplane, and just travelling all over the world. So for example, two weeks ago, I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This past Thursday, I was in Princeton, New Jersey having a great time for work. Remember, I am working on Doctor House’s Hospital. Late Friday Night, I returned to Seattle, and Today (Sunday), I am currently in SFO waiting for my flight to Beijing. Yep… very very busy some business and some pleasure. The number of travel is really starting to catch up. So I know I still have alot of Mexico posts, that I have not updated yet, but I assure you they are coming. So let’s talk about my day today so far? My day started off super early.  I took a cab from home to SeaTac airport, once checked in, I was able to spend some time at the United lounge.  I thought the Delta lounge was bad, well, the united lounge was not any better, everything is very very basic.  After an hour or so of waiting, I boarding my flight and headed toward SFO; The view in the morning right after take off was just amazing!!!

Once I’ve got to SFO, everything seems to be pretty routine, I went to check out the United Lounge in SFO as well, did you know there is a business class lounge and a first class lounge? I did not know that until I walked in to the wrong one. I wonder what is in the first class lounge. There was also this nice TV exhibit in the terminal in SFO. Very Interesting.

So this is the first time that I’ve ever take an international business class on a 747. I remember see the stairs going to the second floor of a 747 but I have never been there. This is my first experience of that.

My ticket, 14 is on the 2nd floor of the 747!!!!

Special entrance hall for business class passengers.

The steps up to 747 second floor.  It is interesting, that first class is actually in the very tip of the plane on the first floor. I would have thought it would been isolated on 2nd floor, but it is not.

My seat.  The video display is huge and the seat actually lay flat, which is pretty nice, but it is like sleeping on a hardwood bench for 6 hours, it is nice and flat but still not very comfortable.

However, once I borded my flight, we were quickly informed that there is a mechanical error and there will be some delay.  After one hour, they kicked everyone off the flight, because they needed to “Reboot” the plane.  I hope our flight wasn’t running Windows 95 or something similar.

After 2 and half hours later, and some terminal japanese food and another round at the lounge, we finally started to board the flight again.  My flight to Beijing was 2.5 hours late.

Once on board, what’s interesting is that UA actually have the flight control communications linked up to their passenger entertainment system, so during take off and landing I was able to listen to the flight control provide directions to our flight. Flight UA 889.  The Entertainment system is pretty nice, big screen, lot of movies.  Very enjoyable.

This is our in-flight meal.  Not too shabby, better than the Delta’s hot TV dinner but not as good as EVA air’s lamb ribs. humm…

So after a long day of flying and 2 movies later, I finally arrived in Beijing.  Beijing air is as dirty as ever, I am sure it will take some time to get use to this.