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26 years ago today…

Today is a special day… I remember 26 years ago, the day after 8/8 Father’s day we left Taiwan and was on my first flight across the Pacific to America. I remember flying a 747 over to LAX and then because we our flight during the layover, the airline put us in a hotel in LAX. I remember watching American cartoons for the first time in the hotel. Even though I did not understand a word, but I loved it. I remember flying to Houston from LAX. During the flight I remember seeing the Southwest landscape and thought it looked just like a model terrain. I remember flying into Lafayette and reaching my new home in Louisiana. So many things have changed in 26 years. I remember not knowing how to speak a word of English, I remember leaving Lafayette, I remember graduating high school, I remember graduating college, getting my first real job, leaving Alabama, I remember becoming an American, moving from Houston to Ephrata, moving to Seattle, and of course meeting my lovely wife.

Oh … so many memories….

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  • Rick

    I remember the Y2K rollover, where I first met one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever known. I hope one day to be able to spend time hanging out with you again like we did back then. Miss you man.

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