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My first flat tire

Well, it was an interesting afternoon today. It turned out to be a beautiful and an amazing day, however, it was still very cold out. So after work, I was all geared up for my ride home and when I was just about to unlock my bike I noticed my front tire was flat. I was afraid of that. This morning a ran over some rocks and ended up with a small piece of short rock stuck to my tire, I was worry that I got a puncture, but I was able to ride to work without any noticable difference. But yeah, that did puncture my inner tube. So after 2 years of riding on this bike, I got my first flat.

I called Vicky and informed her of my situation and decided to replace the tube on the spot. Since I am prepared (I have two inner tube and a patch kit on my at all time while riding a bike), I figure I better replace a flat and figure it out before STP. I thought, how hard can it be? I am an engineer, this is a bicycle, I will replace my tube and be on my way in 5 minutes, max.

5 minutes later, I was still trying to get my inner tube out. I was feeling completely stupid, what the heck am I doing wrong. About 10 minutes later, after a brief youtube video on my iphone confirming that I am doing everything right, I got my inner tube out. And yes, i found a small puncture. So after about 20 minutes, I finally got my tube replaced and I am back.

I did not ride the entire trip back home, but I only rode about 5 miles to Ranch 99 to meet up with Vicky. But that was a pretty quick ride, averaged around 13.5 mph. Still more training to come…

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