The beginning of my cycling adventure

I never ran a marathon before, I’ve never biked over 50 miles before, but recently I decided to take a chance and signed up for STP with my two best friends. STP for those that don’t know is a bike ride from Seattle to Portland (, hence the name STP. The ride to Portland is around 202 miles. The plan right now is to do it in two days. Day 1 will be approximately 120 miles and around 80 miles the second day. With that said, I am starting to train and I find that I am so out of shape. So today is my 3rd ride to work this year. The weather is still cold, but it suppose to turn around. However, it still seems a little gray. I think it will get better this afternoon.

So also as part of my training, I will be signing up for the Tour de Cure. I haven’t decided how much I will ride yet but stay tuned.

So many things have been going on lately after I got married, I haven’t really had time to make much updates, but I do miss posting on my blog and BTW my blog is almost 9 years old!!! Can you believe it!!! The next couple of weekends will be pretty exciting so I will hopefully post some more and keep this blog alive.