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I can not believe it is May 2006 already. It seems like yesterday it just turned 2006. It seems like yesterday I was planning my May trip down to Houston to see my little sister’s graduation. It seems like yesterday I was with… {sigh} But now it is one year later. I am still here in Ephrata. Work is work. I been assigned to Hydro… which means, 2 days out of the week I will be traveling to the dams to do some radio work. It is May so that means my school is almost over. I have a goal… I do, really! My goal is to get my CCNP before the summer is over. I only have 3 exams left. I am thinking once I get it everything will be better. But that is what I said about my PE. I said that once I get my PE, I will be able to do everything…. but things just got worst after that. 4700 people.. that is how many people there are in Ephrata. Life alone in a small town is pretty boring and lonely. We have a Walmart, a Safeway, a Subway, a Burger King, a McDonalds, and few other local resturants. That is where I live. The outside environment is beautiful, but outside beauty can only do so much for a person’s mental state. I guess my only goal is to get my CCNP and see where we go from there. I use to have so many goals… now I only have one.

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