The best airport security experience since 2000

Remember a time when you are not harassed as an airplane passenger by TSA agents at the airport security? Well, Yeah I do, it was before Sept. 11, 2001. Yesterday, I once again experienced that hassle free experience. So while going through security at the ATL airport, there is a special line for the “Pre Check”. I have forgotten that I have signed up for this a while back, but when I was going through the security, I got directed to this special line. As I was getting ready to strip down to my undies for security check, the TSA agent asks, “do you know about this line?”

I responded, “oh yeah, you take everything off and put it on the scanner and walk through in your undies”.

He responded, “No, just take off any metal objects and leave your jacket, belt, and shoes on. Also leave your computer in your bag”

I was shocked, and I followed his instructions and in 15 seconds I was through security and waiting for Vicky on the other side. This was such a good experience, that it gives me hope that we are slowly going back to normal!!!