Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, Everyone.
First of all, for those that don’t know… I am suppose to be TRON!!! Anyways, Halloween is one of my most favorite days, why? because of candy of course and as I got older, I love to give out candy to little kids. It always reminds me of how fun it use to be going around trick or treating. So as usual, I always buy a huge bag of good candy prepared for kids to knock on my door. Unfortunately, tonight was a quiet night, I only had 3 groups of visitors. But I have to say, those that visited got a lot of candy from me.

Anyways, this was a pretty busy weekend, both sets of parents were in town, it was very fun. Mom cooked a big meal for us!!! Thank you MOM!!!!
Vicky got me a small birthday cake, so we celebrated my birthday few days early. It’s wonderful to have the entire family around!!!