2011 Braves vs. Mariners

Oh ever since I’ve moved to Washington, I been wanting to see a Braves Vs. Mariners match up in Safeco field, and that wish has finally came true. As soon as I heard that the Braves and Mariners are playing this week, I started to look for tickets. Lucky, my friends pulled through and we got two tickets for the game. Oh it was an awesome game. It’s good to see the Braves play and of course it was good to see the M’s play as well. As I was telling everyone, it really doesn’t matter who wins today, I am happy either way. Today was also special because today Vicky started to understand baseball!!!! She felt the excitement at the end!!! Oh… it wonderful and it’s all good!!! I love baseball!!!

A beautiful day for baseball!!!

ATL represent!

Nice Seats!

My GCPUD buddies!!!

Instagram of the bottom of 8th

Seattle vs Atlanta 😉