Third Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was my third full day in NYC.  It was also the first day that I don’t have to work in NYC.  And on top of that it was Good Friday.  The day started pretty late after sleeping in.  Since we were staying near Madison Park in The MAve Hotel, which btw reminds me of the hotel in Paris France.  Why?  Because of it’s small size in the hotel room and the modern hotel room design.  It even use a similar RFID door opening system. Cool huh?

So in the morning (more or less Noon time), after the complimentary  non-existing hotel breakfast,  we went back for a to Madison Park for a walk also to take some pictures more pictures of the flat iron building.  Afterward, we stopped by the Museum of Sex.  Yes it sounds really bad/good.  But in reality, it was a big waste of money.  Yes… the 5 minute gallery of history of condom is interesting, however, after that it was all pretty boring and could probably got most of the gallery items from a store like Lovers.

After the walk around the Madison Park area, we grabbed our stuff and move to our new location.  For this weekend, we are staying in a studio apartment 2 blocks from Central Park.  It is very nice even with a small balcony on the top floor of this old building.  The place is very small but it does have a kitchen.  And the price was good relative to the hotel in the near by area.

For lunch, Whole Foods.  Got some salad from Whole Food and ate on the bench of Central park while we people and dog watched.  Yep, since it was Good Friday, we saw so many people.

Around 5 we went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), since it is Friday after 4 it is free to enter. Oh my, the line was super long, however, it went through pretty quick and we were able to go in.  We saw almost everything except for the Tim Burton exhibit.

After MoMA,  we met up with some friends of Vicky and had a interesting Bday dinner at a cheap Thai place.  The food was crappy, but the company was great.  They even said that I don’t sound like I am from Seattle.  They said that they thought I was a New Yorker…  I guess that is a good thing right?

So after dinner around 10:45pm we decide to catch the last elevator up the Rockefeller Center Tower.  We ran few blocks from the restaurant near MoMA to Rockefeller center and we thought we were late, but we were not the last.  we got our tickets and got to the top.  At the check in, the attendant told us, we just help break their entry record.  Yes… with our help we broke their attendance record of 150,000 people in a day.  Wow…

And with the beautiful view of New York… that concluded another wonderful day in NYC.  Enjoy the pictures.

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Man near Madison Park


Flat Iron Building


Central Park


Towers Near Columbus Circle


Flowers Near Columbus Circle


Central Park




From Central Park


From Central Park


Bench in Central Park




Tim Burton Exhibit


Living Art in MoMA


View from top of the Rock with Min


Another view from top of the Rock


Time Square