Completion of another phase

After a super awesome and smooth presentation, I am happy today say I am an official graduating graduate student!!! Now all I have to do is to wait for December 18th for the graduation day!!!

So from my last post, I was pretty nervous. I had 60 slides and I had a total of at most 45 minutes to present. I ended up finishing around 35 minutes and started my demo. However, Murry’s law … I mean murphy’s law strikes again. I tested my entire setup before my comittee member’s arrival and it worked great. Half way through my presentation my VPN connection back to my home network dropped. I did not think much of it, I figure I can just restart the VPN when I am doing my demo. Well, when it is time for my demo, the VPN would not connect and I was not able to do my demo. My professors wanted me to move on and finish the rest of my presentation. I did and I was expecting grilling questions, but all 4 professors had no questions. So I was asked to leave the room and with in 1 min. I was congradulated!!

I am having alot of mix feelings… I am happy that is it over but it also means I will have to start to search for my next challenge 🙂

Yeah!!! I am graduating!!!


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