On Campus…

So I am in Ames, Iowa today doing my final exam. I think I am prepared, but I am more nervous than anything else I have done lately. So while I am waiting for my presentation … in 7 minutes… I am writing this blog.

So walking around a campus on a beautiful fall day in Iowa makes me really sad that I miss out on my grad. school on campus experience, but after thinking about it for a while… nah… I would probably hate all the test and all the research… but then again … they pay you money to do research… very little money .. but still..

So still 5 minutes left… no one here but me. well.. last night I have over 77 slides to present… now I have 60 slides to present. Ok ready for the kicker… I have total of 1 hour and that means 30 minutes to present my project and time for them to ask questions.

At least 30 minutes is my goal. you will see me talking faster than I have ever talked.

ok.. time to start


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