iPhone was lost now iPhone was found

Every few years, I get to experience a lost and found thrill. (my camera, my keys…) Well, this morning I had a chance to do it again. So here is the story…

So while I was about to step on to the plane for my flight to MSP from DSM, I realized that my iPhone is not on me. By the time that I’ve confirmed that I do not have my phone with me, I was already onboard and the flight attendant said that I can’t get off. I told her that I probably drop it or left it in the men’s restroom in the concourse. She said that she will call it in and see if they can find it. After a fe minutes, she told me that they can’t find it and they are about to close the cabin door. I was pretty much given up hope. The passenger behind me offered me his iPhone to call or send a text message. So I did. I was already planning to call my phone when I get to MSP. The airplane cabin door was closed. All the sudden, I see this guy running across toward our plane and the attendant signals me that they found my phone. Few seconds later she came by and said is your name Chen?? I said yes and she gave me my trusty little black iPhone. I asked where did you find it. She said I don’t know they found it and all I open the door and they handed it to me.

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Thank you the Des Moines NW Delta land crew, thank you, flight 3552 flight crew, thank you for the person that found the phone, and thank you for the passenger that let me text to my phone.

After this brief experience, I really believe people are by nature good people!!! It’s a good day!!!


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