I can’t believe it my birthday again!!! wow… amazing!!! But it has been a pretty short and busy weekend but a good weekend.

So let’s see what happened…
Friday night… I was working on my paper…
Saturday morning… I was in a workshop…
During the workshop… Auburn Beat Ole Miss!!! WAR EAGLE Hey!!!
Saturday night I went to a small low key halloween party… It was suppose to be a gansta 1930 style theme… but I wore a traditional chinese long clothing. I said I was the triad’s dragon head. ha ha ha ….

The party was slow, but pretty good… My friend Hang gave me a really big surprise gift.

Yes it is Lego!!! but it is not just any Lego.. it’s the Lego Mindstorm!!!! oh… so in short this lego has a micro controller that can be connected to a computer and programmed in Labview !!! Labview!!! Labview is what we used in my senior design project!!!!

So after receiving that gift, I was like a 8 years old kid… hugging to my box of Legos… I wanted to open that box up and dump it out on the table right there at Steve’s place…. STEVE… {ha ha ha just kidding … if you did not get this joke… listen to some Flight of the Conchords}.

But seriously, I was really really really excited about the lego and wanted to play with it right away…but I did not… I kept everything in the box because I knew I still have to finish my paper the next day.

Sunday was interesting… time change today.. so I gained an hour. that really help. I worked on my paper all morning and finished right after noon. I will put it up after my final oral exam so everyone can check it out.

But anyways… so I called up my friends for some hotpot tonight.

so many friends showed up… I am so happy!!! Thanks guys!!!

The hot pot was good and filling … great company…. I feel really content!!!

Thanks guys for making it a great 33.

PS… Movember starts today … 😉