It has been a while…

So… it is sea fair Saturday… I have not wrote on my blog in a very long time. So what’s been going on lately? Well… I am in the middle of finding a new place to live in Seattle. Yes I am still looking for a place to buy but I can’t find a place right away to buy so… I am looking for a place to rent right now. I got really sick and tired of my current place. Why? yes… granted it is close to work, however, I find myself traveling alot lately to get away from my home and do other things to keep my mind busy. Yeah… so i ended up overbooking alot of the time… Actually I am kind of happy that I am just sitting around at home listening to music and just chilling right now.

so… yeah.. i’ve been looking at rental homes and my co-worker and I have also been talking about possibley rooming together. so… yeah… major party pad … woo hoo..

As for work… it has been busy… Just got back from a day trip from Oakland this week and I think I am finally going to head to Maui for my next big project in Sept. Oh and boss said there also maybe a project in Alaska in couple of months.

Oh… and School starts in couple of weeks… which also means football seasons is almost here as well… Good god… everything is running together… my ical and my googlecal and my outlook cal are all filling up.