It has been couple more weeks since my last blog entry. I just been so busy lately. This past week was just insane. I been working none stop everyday. And today around two I finally wrapped up most of my stuff and I said to myself. “AH… I think it is time for me to go on a vacation!” Yep I am going on a 1 week vacation. Nope, I am not going to Alabama this time… and Yep … I am going to Shanghai again! I will get a chance to see my beautiful Hsiu Hsiu.

Well… my adventure begins around 3:30pm today. That is when I left Ephrata and headed toward Seattle. The drive was not that bad. It was a beautiful day outside, but driving in the late after noon is a real pain. Driving west, the sun is almost always in your eyes. I had to stop and put on my sun glasses. And when I was driving through the pass it was raining and fogging … So driving was not that fun either… oh and the wind was strong. So around 6:30, I finally reached my hotel. BTW having a GPS is cool… The GPS mapping system directed me straight to the Hotel. That was cool… anyway… My hotel was not bad. It is the SeaTac Holiday Inn. only 0.2 miles from the airport. and it only cost me 40 bucks after taxes. How did I get such a Killer deal? PRICELINE BABY!!!!

Anyway… my game plan was this… I get to the hotel… drop off my luggage, then drive my car to Great Wall shopping center to have some Sushi. There is this pretty cheap and pretty good sushi restaurant there.. the place is called Ekko… or something like that. Chirochi Sushi over there are only $12.50 . For that price, it comes with miso soup, 2 small dishes of appetizer and one sushi chief gift sushi salad. And most importantly, the fish was fresh, it was not too bad at all. Anyway… after dinner I would drive to the Mazda dealership and drop my car off for maintenance and repair. I would use the night drop and then walk across the street to a bus stop and catch the 560 express to SeaTac. I use the King County Metro site to plan my bus trip. I just type in the dealership’s address, the time , and my destination, which is SeaTac, and it tells me 3 different options of buses all around my request time with in 0.5 mile distance. Anyway, so I dropped off my car… when to the bus stop waited less then 10 minutes and the 560 bus shows up. The ride from the dealership to SeaTac only cost me $1.50. I actually over paid 25 cents because …. I thought it was 1.50 instead of 1.25. So once I reached Sea Tac… I called the hotel and they sent a shuttle and picked me up.

Boy I love it when a plan comes together. So tomorrow, I will take the hotel shuttle to the airport and everything will be wonderful. Tomorrow night I will be able to see my lovely Hsiu Hsiu. Oh .. I just can’t wait.

Oh I almost forgot …

Happy Birthday MIN-JYE!!!!

My little sis is now 22!!! Wow Wee!!!

Well… I have my new camera with me … I hope Shanghai’ s weather is good .. so I can have some good pictures. We will see…..