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My New Office Location

So after 4 years, I finally moved to work in Seattle proper. Take a look at my little office view.

So yes, after 4 years of working, I finally got transferred to our downtown office It is a mixed feeling move. It sort of feel like moving to a new job. Few years back, it would not have any doubt of moving to the downtown office, but today, I’m married, priorities changed, moving downtown is a different feeling and environment. Do I miss Lynnwood yet? No not really yet, but I am sure I will after a few days.

So what’s changed?

1) I will start to commute via the bus to work starting today, gas savings are good. When the weather gets better I will also begin to bike to work again.
2) The downtown environment is more like my previous work environment back in Houston, or even Birmingham. Oh I love it and when you are downtown, dressing up for work feels pretty good, and yes I did wear something different today.
3) The bad thing about working in downtown is that doing errands are a little bit more difficult. Before on my way home from Lynnwood, I was able to stop at many places to get groceries for the house, it is a bit more difficult now.

All in all, I think it is a pretty good move, we will see how I feel again in few more days.

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