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Around Seattle with Family

Oh it’s been so long since my last post. It seems that I am getting lazier and lazier as time moves on. It is not that I don’t take pictures, I do, it is that I feel like it takes so long to post everything up. Maybe I should just give in to the Facebook only or twitter only world. Sigh….
So anyways, my in-laws are in town visiting, so after a week of cloudy weather and rain in Seattle, we finally got some sun today. So I decided to show my parents in-law a bit of our beautiful Seattle.

They day started with Ballard Locks. Yes we did see a few salmon, but what was more amazing was that we saw a sea lion near the locks. I have seen a lot of sea lions in SF, but never in Seattle. I thought that was pretty cool. We then went to the light house in Discovery Park. The day and the view was amazing. At lunch we stop in at O’Asian for some dim sum.

After lunch we went up to Kerry Park on top of Queen Anne Hill. The view of the city was fantastic. Then we visited Gas Works Park, which was another beautiful view. Yep, because of the nice weather, we tried to hit all the major view points around Seattle.

Oh… one foot note, Auburn lost to Arkansas today. So sad…. But besides that, it was a beautiful and an amazing Saturday in Seattle.

Enjoy the pictures.


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