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Sunday Hike up to Rachel Lake

Today was a fun day, I really wished that Vicky was here. Last week, we hiked Lake Serene, this week it is Rachel Lake. A little about Rachel Lake, the trail head is just east of the Snoqualmie pass. The trail is 8 miles round trip and about 6 hours hiking time including breaks and stops. I felt the trail was pretty easy in the beginning, but after the fall, the trail got tough with all the rocks and trees, but the end was so worth the hike. Our day started around 8:00 at the Eastgate park and ride, we started from the trail head around 9:00, we were at the lake around 12 and back down around 3:30 or so. We stopped for ice cream at North Bend, and then went to Facing East for dinner afterward. All in all it was a very beautiful and pleasant day. Oh, I wish Vicky was here.

Oh… enjoy the pictures… I almost forgot … the lake water was ICE cold… I know… because I jumped in for a quick swim.

Here is the Photosynth of the Rachel Lake. Enjoy!!!


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